Doug Thompson Metalcraft
“As a craftsman, I feel it very important to be constantly engaged in improving ones ability and passing on my craft to others.”

Doug has been a professional blacksmith and fabricator in Tucson, Arizona for over 30 years. His metalwork ranges from the contemporary to historic restorations. His pieces can be seen in many public spaces and private residences throughout the United States. His work includes entrance doors, garden and drive gates, chandeliers and specialty lighting, forged tables and custom hardware.

Doug has always believed in producing the highest-quality work in the most efficient manner possible. To this end his shop is equipped with all the necessary modern fabrication and forging machinery. Over the years, he has built specialized tooling, fixtures, pneumatic and hydraulic presses, hammers and tube benders to speed production and enhance the quality of his work. For example, his 65-ton press brake, while capable of bending heavy sheet metal, is also used to form, emboss, and stamp both cold and hot parts quickly and with great precision. His Kinyon-style power hammer is set up with tooling that replicates much of the work traditionally done at the anvil, yet with much greater power and speed.

Doug maintains a very busy shop schedule, but also partners with other craftspeople on projects both small and large. He has mentored the next generation of metalworkers in Jason Butler and Ben Olmstead.